Upper Hutt Tennis Club
At Maidstone Park


Why join the club.

Tennis in Upper Hutt is working on a different model as compared to what operates in most other centres and clubs in NZ. Our model is council or public owned courts but where the club pays a lease and a share of maintenance.


In return for our lease payment, we enjoy exclusive rights to the courts for significant portions of the week and year. Part of our responsibility for this privilege is to manage the game of tennis for the benefit of all shareholders of the courts, i.e. citizens of Upper Hutt. The Upper Hutt Tennis Club will provide junior tennis for our kids, a pathway for anyone to learn the life-skill of tennis, competitive tennis for those who are keen, and social tennis for anyone who wants it.


We will contribute positively to the vision of the Sports Hub at Maidstone Park and we will enjoy the social benefits of the critical mass of sports minded people at Maidstone Park who share the complex.


Our approach is to invite tennis players to embrace this vision and contribute to the long term benefits of a significant quality tennis facility and the life skill that tennis is.


This view is embraced in our stragetic plan per the home page of this website. Critical to the success of our vision is strong membership numbers so we invite all who are keen on tennis to join the club.

Upper Hutt Tennis Club at the Maidstone Park Tennis Centre