Upper Hutt Tennis Club
At Maidstone Park



The following leagues will be organised to suit different needs of our senior members.

Day Detail, as at 16th October 2022


Monday leagues starting again Monday 16th January 2023.  6:45pm.  Please email the club or communicate with Dave or James if you want to be involved.  Or just turn up.


Wednesday Introduction Doubles

Ladies beginner evening from about 6:45pm.
Provisional Start date - October 26th 2022.

Please email the club or communicate with Wendy 977 4143    wendyosborne(at)clear.net.nz, if you want to be involved.

Ball Machine Wednesdays.  On demand.


Organised doubles matches from 6:50pm. Registration via email and reply for this league. Matches will be allocated.  3 different doubles combinations.

Please note: If you accept an invitation to play on Thursday, please turn up unless positively cancelled, as others will be on court waiting for a match. If cancelled, notification will be via email.


Mid week senior tennis.




Sunday senior club day depending on interest. Turn up and play from 1:00pm on-wards.

Above will change as things evolve so watch this space. If interested in any of the above, please communicate with the club via email or via a committee member per Contact Us menu above.

Upper Hutt Tennis Club at the Maidstone Park Tennis Centre