Upper Hutt Tennis Club
At Maidstone Park


The Journey





Jan 2014

Bowling Club and Tennis Club discuss parting of operations.

Bowls and Tennis have been partners since 1928 and have shared facilities in King Street.  However, it has now become time to separate.  There has been some conceptual discussion of tennis courts being created at Maidstone Park by the Upper Hutt City Council.

May 2014

End of tennis at King Street

Club plays their last tennis at King Street.  On 23 May 2014, diggers move onto the courts. 

Club has organised to play on courts at Maidstone Intermediate for a small fee until new courts are created.  Many members leave the club to join other clubs in the Hutt Valley.

Wed 28 May 2014

Submission for the Upper Hutt City Council Draft Annual Plan 2014-2015.

This document was the culmination of several month’s work by the tennis committee.  It is a statement of UHTC vision of tennis in Upper Hutt for the next 50 years and beyond.  Fully supportive of partnership between Upper Hutt Tennis Club and Council to construct tennis courts and manage the game of tennis in Upper Hutt.

Nov 2014

Drawings and costing ready for tender.

Concept drawings and costing completed for tennis courts at Maidstone Park

March – June 2015.

Design, costing, tender

Discuss tennis court design issues

·         Court surface type

·         Lighting

·         Perimeter measurements

·         Fencing

·         etc

Design, costing and tender process to create the above.  Tender accepted in June 2015.

July 2015

Tennis club separate

Tennis club votes to separate from the previous arrangement with Bowls.

Members vote to start a new club and re-incorporate as such.

Sept 2015

Start construction

Contractors establish on site and commence construction of new courts.

Summer 2015/16

Interclub tennis continues

This is the second summer with no tennis courts in Upper Hutt.

Some club teams still remain.  Feedback from other clubs in the Wellington region is: When will Upper Hutt get back to the tennis powerhouse that it once was.

21 Feb 2016

Nets up

Nets are erected at the new courts at Maidstone Park.  Waiting for sign-off with contractors.

25 Feb 2016

Photo Shoot

Club members are on the courts at Maidstone Park for a photo shoot with Upper Hutt Leader.

6 March 2016

Open Day

Open day for the new tennis courts at Maidstone Park.  Supported by Wellington Tennis, Hutt Valley Tennis and Upper Hutt Tennis club.  All invited.  Come and enjoy some tennis.




Upper Hutt Tennis Club at the Maidstone Park Tennis Centre