Upper Hutt Tennis Club
At Maidstone Park



Submission to Upper Hutt City Council  regarding construction of new tennis courts at Maidstone Park, presented in May 2014  here

Vision for Tennis in Upper Hutt

The UHTC’s vision for tennis over the next 30 years is based on the success of other like-minded tennis organisations in NZ.

  • A first rate tennis facility located at Maidstone Park that supports a quality tennis experience for all participants.
  • Allowance for expansion of the facility to support growth.
  • A vibrant, well managed club with a membership of over 400 people of all ages.
  • The club providing a range of leagues and competitions that meet the needs of its membership and the wider community.
  • At least one full time professional coach based at Maidstone Park providing coaching from basic to advanced levels for members of the Club and the community.
  • Greater links between the UHTC, schools and other like-minded sports and community groups.
  • A partnership with Council to grow tennis locally
  • High visibility of activity creating an inviting view of tennis
  • Management and governance structures which match standards defined by Sport NZ or similar.

The future of Tennis in Upper Hutt will be a partnership involving the Upper Hutt Tennis Club, Upper Hutt City Council, Tennis New Zealand, Tennis Central, Hutt Valley Tennis Association, Schools, Colleges, Coaches, Administrators and Volunteers, Trusts, Sponsors, Sport Providers, Sport Wellington and the Upper Hutt Community

History of Upper Hutt Tennis Club

Originally tennis in Upper Hutt was played on courts at local residences. Tennis players also had the use of a court at the residence of James Greenwood in King Street, adjacent to the present tennis club courts.

Pre-World War I tennis was played on courts at Maidstone Park which was developed by Phillip Davis. There was a problem with the ground being swampy and in the late 1920s the tennis club planned to build a pavilion in Pine Avenue. About that time the local bowling club was in financial difficulty and the two organisations got together and the tennis club paid the outstanding debts and moved into the bowling club's King Street facility. The Upper Hutt Bowling and Tennis Club was formed in 1928.

For approximately 70 years, the bowling and tennis clubs ran their sports independently on the privately owned King Street land. In 1994, the two clubs merged into the one incorporated society, to enable them both to upgrade and extend their playing facilities.

Memorabilia includes a printed invitation card to the tennis club silver jubilee in 1935-36, which means the Club dates from around 1910 and has celebrated its 100th anniversary. During this time, the Upper Hutt Tennis Club has existed independently without Council funding.

The Tennis Club has had two members represent New Zealand at Wimbledon, which is the mecca for all tennis players. In 1939 we were represented by Mr Neil Edwards and in 1967 by Mr Kevin Woolcott, who went on to be New Zealand‟s First National Tennis Coach.

Wheelchair Tennis

The Upper Hutt Tennis Club recently received a message from Kevin Woolcott, a life member and former Davis Cup player. He was also our representative at Wimbledon in 1967 and went on to be New Zealand’s first National Tennis Coach. He spoke of his “good memories of the Upper Hutt Tennis Club". He is now teaching wheelchair tennis: see video of Kevin and his pupil Jayden in action.

King Street Memories







Upper Hutt Tennis Club at the Maidstone Park Tennis Centre