Upper Hutt Tennis Club
At Maidstone Park


Online Reservation System

Reservations Rules

  • Tennis Courts are available on a first come-first serve basis if there are no prior reservations
  • Only members of the UHTC may reserve a court
  • Reservations will take priority
  • Proof of reservation is via your mobile device. Take it with you to the courts
  • You can only reserve 2 hours per day. Your partner may sign up for a second block if available
  • You cannot reserve a court more than 14 days ahead
  • Players should cancel their court reservations as far in advance as possible if they cannot arrive at their reserved time. Repeated "no shows" may result in revoked booking access
  • Bookings can ONLY be made online
  • You are encouraged to book online before heading to the court. It is the only way to be guaranteed a court will be available upon your arrival

The rules are designed to create fair and equitable access to the courts. The success of the reservation program, however, will depend on everyone accepting and honouring the rules and guidelines.

Current Group Reservations

Courts will be booked out by the club as required to facilitate activity such as leagues and interclub competitions.

Use of Lights

Activation of lights is controlled via internet and UHTC officers have access to the system. Lights will turn on automatically for scheduled block bookings. To have the lights turned on at other times, please communicate with one of the UHTC officers to have the lights activated. See contacts page for information on club officers.

Lights are available for public usage at a cost.
Procedure for public usage of lights described below.

Public Usage of Lights

Cost of public usage of lights is as follows.

  • $20 per hour.

Charges subject to change as we learn more about our costs.

Procedure for usage of lights by non UHTC club member is as follows.

  • Inquiring player will communicate with UHTC committee member via contacts on this website.
  • Committee member determines lights will be made available for player.
  • Player sends email to the club specifying court booking and lighting requirements.
  • Player pays lights charge to UHTC bank account.
  • UHTC committee determine that payment has been made.
  • UHTC Lights Officer books the court and schedules for the lights to be turned on.
  • Player may cancel up to 30 mins prior to start of booking. Otherwise time will be charged.
  • No refunds. Cancelled bookings will be transferred to another time as agreed with player.

Above is subject to change as activity and procedures evolve at the courts.

Upper Hutt Tennis Club at the Maidstone Park Tennis Centre